Green Wind Energy Systems (GWES)



"Small is Beautiful"

"Small Wind Turbines can energise India; So let us all join hands to repower India"

We are dedicated to champion Small Wind Turbine as one of the most adaptable, flexible and easy to use technology for generating sustainable, clean and cheap electricity in remote and rural parts of India.

In consonance with the Small Wind Turbine philosophy, commonly prevalent all over the world, It is our vision to make Small Wind Turbine technology a significant contributor to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities of rural people in India and also across all the developing nations of the world.

small WindturbineSmall Wind Turbines small windturine

The small Wind Turbines are upwind, horizontal-axis wind machines where the rotor spins in front of the tower about a line parallel with the horizon. 

There are three blades which are made of mainly wood although cheap composite materials, such as fiberglass (FRP) is an alternative. 

Small Windmills cannot afford the complexities of having yaw motors and mechanical gear drives of the bigger upwind Wind Turbines because of their very small size. 

Small Wind turbines use tail vanes to point the rotor into the wind. These Turbines also have a system for controlling the rotor in high winds. The Wind turbine "furl" or fold about a hinge so that the Blade rotor assembly swings toward the tail vane. 

The alternator is a Permanent Magnet Axial Flux type comprising of strong ‘Rare Earth’ Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets.

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